Souche de vieYggdrasil (FR)
Vincent Frossard / Camille Genet /
Charlotte Der Baghdassarian / Anael Roddet / Vincent Clerc (FR)



Where do their souls go after trees have been cut down? These gentle giants also have limited lives, and the memory of them is something to treasure. At the square de l’Évêché, using the innovative technology of augmented reality, the students of Gobelins Annecy take us back in time to see a tree in all its splendor.

Aged 21 to 23 and students in their last year of the Web and mobile designer and developer bachelor’s degree at the Gobelins Annecy school, three developers (Charlotte Der Baghdassarian, Anael Roddet, and Vincent Clerc) and two designers (Camille Genet and Vincent Frossard) have combined their creativity and skills to provide visitors with an interactive augmented reality experience via the Annecy paysages app.

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2022 Creation

In partnership with L’École by CCI – Campus Digital – Gobelins Annecy

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