Les médicinales du futurLundy Grandpré (FR)
Lucile Genin, Baptiste Lenoir,
Félix Grange, Martin Poncet [FR]



In the peace and quiet of this aromatic garden, if you listen closely, you can hear the plants talking! All medicinal, they have prolific effects, but this time only for women! In this poetic and political garden, they recount the secret history of gynecology.


text Lundy Grandpré
recording and editing Martin Poncet

we warmly thank Léa Van Ruymbeke, Pauline Meary-Chabrey and Théo Grangé-Viel for lending their voices.


List of plants :
• Common wormwood
• White yarrow
• Yellow yarrow
• Basil, large green
• Purple basil
• Nettle
• Tansy
• White sage
• Sage, officinal
• Lemon balm
• Burnet

Where the visual and performance arts meet, the Lundy Grandpré collective, founded in 2019 by Lucile Genin and Baptiste Lenoir, is developing a multidisciplinary ecofeminist artform. The collective participates in exhibitions and residencies in France (Transpalette in Bourges, la Factatory in Lyon, and CAP in Saint-Fons).

It has 4 members: designer and visual artist Lucile Genin, who was born in France in 1994 and graduated from École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon in 2020. A cofounder of Lundy Grandpré, Genin was trained in self-building using reclaimed and natural materials. She aims to use as few resources (financial and physical) as possible in her work. Baptiste Lenoir, Lundy Grandpré’s other cofounder, is a dancer and visual artist born in France in 1998. A 2018 graduate of Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Lyon, Lenoir dances for the choreographers Amala Dianor and Malika Djardi and choreographs for Compagnie iel. Félix Grange, born in France in 1994, earned his artistic trades degree in 2020 and is a cabinetmaker and furniture designer/builder. Sound designer Martin Poncet was born in 1991 and studied stage arts at Université de Metz, then sound design at ENSATT in Lyon.

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2022 Creation

Winner of the call for young creation 2022

Since its creation, the Annecy paysages Festival wishes to encourage and support emerging creation and launches each year a call for projects for the creation and realization of an artistic or landscape installation in the public space.

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