Salvador Garcia

Carine Altermatt


assisted by
Éléonore Delaby-Rochette

technical coordination
Jean-Yves Papalia


assisted by
Alexis Pawlak & Coline Senée

Olivier Lataste


technical direction
Gildas Burille


deputy technical direction
Thomas Le Doaré

general secretariat 
Géraldine Garin

press relations & communication manager
Stavros Skordas

Anne-Laure Chemin

& Gwladys Gurtler

public relations
Jean Berton
Tess Deselle
Sabrina Calvi



And the whole team of Bonlieu Scène nationale Annecy, as well as all the participating technicians and other staff.


Bonlieu Scène nationale Annecy, the Landscape & Biodiversity department, the Cultural Events department, the Event Logistics department and all the technical services of the city of Annecy


visual identity

texts Carine Altermatt, Éléonore Delaby-Rochette, Salvador Garcia, Géraldine Garin, Gwladys Gurtler, Claire Lanier, Stavros Skordas

corrector, proofreader Grégoire Billaud