From the vegetable
garden to the plate
Recipes created with harvested products
in landscape installations

Discover the recipes developed by local chefs with products harvested in the landscaped installations of Annecy Paysages!


Since its creation in 2018, Annecy paysages has offered the opportunity to discover the city of Annecy through a journey of artistic but also landscape installations, including edible plant gardens.

Three permanent vegetable gardens have been installed in the heart of the city by the Cultures Urbaines collective, offering self-service fruits, vegetables, aromatic plants and flowers, grown naturally.

There was only one step to take to bring the richness and diversity of these vegetable gardens to our plates by inviting local chefs to develop recipes using products harvested from the gardens.


They gave free rein to their creativity, for the pleasure of the eyes and taste buds!

Recipes created by:


Doris Dussart, manager of the bar at Bonlieu Scène nationale


Green tomato gazpacho
Garden salad
Cabbage terrine
Creme brulee with plants


Recipes created by:


Matthieu Lelong, chef of the Tandem restaurant in Annecy


Cabbage chaplains stuffed with Jerusalem artichokes and chestnut cream, on green tomato coulis