Optichromie AnnecyFelipe Pantone (AR/ES)

On the great wall of Bonlieu, the future suddenly splashes into our eyes! Digital technology is taking over space, energizing it. Sparkling pixels torn by lightning, shimmering surfaces, play of colors… the immense fresco by Felipe Pantone, luminous, fascinating, imposes its deep vibrations to the point of dizziness.

Galleries around the world welcome his works. Felipe Pantone, Spanish-Argentinian artist, found his freedom as a painter at the heart of digital techniques. Our world is transforming, our outlook is evolving. Our perception of light is no longer the same. Questioning our way of understanding multiple and new visual requests underpins the artist’s approach.

Optical patterns, neon gradients, geometric shapes… Optichromie Annecy offers us a powerful summary of the many elements of its artistic repertoire. Because “light is the only reason why life happens”…

Born in 1986 in Argentina, Spanish-Argentinian street artist Felipe Pantone started doing graffiti at the age of 12. Based in Valencia (Spain), Pantone is a by-product of the technological age. It explores how shifting the light spectrum impacts color and repetition. Combining kinetic art, psychedelic graffiti, typography and glitch art, Felipe Pantone’s work is at the crossroads of several aesthetics whose codes and contributions he experiments with. From Paris to Mexico, from Osaka to Lisbon, via Palestine, his XXL creations are visible on walls all over the world.

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