TranquillitéÀ l'ombre de la raie manta
Atelier Déambulons (FR)

Treat yourself to a break at the Square du 8 mai 1945, in the shade of this bamboo lace. An oasis, in this very mineral, sober and rigorous space, which brings its poetic protection and invites you to meet.

The team from the Déambulons workshop, imaginative bamboo growers, was inspired by the elegance of the manta ray for this benevolent work. The Déambulons workshop unites the natural lines of bamboo with contemporary design, ancestral Thai techniques with those of the present, in a spirit of respect for our environment. Here, the manta ray, a surprising and intriguing mythical animal, with aquatic movements so similar to the flight of birds, offers its impalpable grace above the square. Near the Berthollet high school, a place of transmission, the immense wings of the messenger of the seas turn into a palaver tree, a place of exchanges and debates.

Founded in 2015 in Lyon (France) by Jean-Baptiste Dubois, the Déambulons workshop specializes in space design and the creation of custom structures made from bamboo strips. Its story begins in 2003, in Thailand, during a stay during which Jean-Baptiste discovered the basics of using bamboo in the construction of buildings and everyday objects among the Karen ethnic group. Back in France, he created the Atelier Déambulons, at the crossroads of furniture, scenography and land art. He became known thanks to his first creations, which were awarded the Janus label by the French Institute of Design in 2016.

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