Pas à pas / LamesElsa Tomkowiak (FR)

The shimmering colored spheres floating on the lake, imagined in 2019 for Annecy paysages by the artist Elsa Tomkowiak, amazed the Annecy residents. They were already able to see the way in which this artist blurs the boundaries between painting and sculpture. As a lover of color, it is in space that she deploys her chromatic ranges.

His paint is not applied classically on the canvas but literally takes on volume, conquering the spaces it invests. It is a free, deployed painting, freed from a frame which has the effect of provoking a sensory, truly physical experience of color, as much for the visitor as for itself. The energy of her gestures and the tools that extend them (brushes, brooms, etc.) is revealed by the transparency of the materials she uses, common tarpaulins used in the building which let the light pass through them, like stained glass windows from the industrial. The expressive force of his painting thus flourishes in the deployment of action, in the commitment of the body to a work made of clever collisions of frank and saturated colors.

In the Bonlieu forum, she offers a chromatic sequence linking sky and earth, playing with perspectives to saturate the space of colors. The point of view is available to the walker entering the forum through the Pâquier entrance, remaining unrevealed to one entering through the side entrances.

Elsa Tomkowiak lives and works in Douarnenez (France). She studied visual arts at the Dijon School of Art. His creations took place in natural and urban spaces, historical monuments, unique and distinctive architecture. She is a member of the group Pleasure Interlude with C. Monroe de Rais, P. George and Y. Jim since 2011.

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