Les RessourcesBob Verschueren (BE)

The long arms stretched towards the sky, but its base well anchored in the ground, a formidable immobile dancer, the dead tree nevertheless asserts its power. Life and its promises will spring from three drawers on its side. Bob Verschueren’s dream trees are tireless bearers of hope…


Opening a drawer is always revealing a secret… That of the tree felled, then straightened, is perhaps the power it has to collect the living, to make it grow within it? The young shoots will flourish, give seeds, which the wind will take care of swarming… The dry tree that has become a nourishing father perpetuates the infinite cycle of death which offers life… To us, who are fragile and perishable, the Nature is always a source of lessons. And the open works, so subtly metaphorical, that Bob Verschueren places in the gardens encourage us as much to dream as to think…

After practicing painting, Bob Verschueren began his “wind paintings” in 1978, natural pigments spread in the wind across the landscape. From this decisive turning point came his interest in nature and plants in particular. Since then, he has carried out more than 350 installations in Europe and elsewhere. He also investigates other fields such as sound, engraving, photography, etc. A wasteland, a forest, an exhibition space… are so many workshops for him. Bob Verschueren is a member of the Royal Academy of Belgium in the Arts class.

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