ÉchappéeSylvie de Meurville (FR)

Seen from the sky… Lake Annecy and its watershed. Cut out, chiselled, a shape appears drawing the outline of the water veins of the landscape. As if stopping at the water’s edge, the tall metal sculpture faces the real lake.
Pretty poetic and playful window inviting you to escape onto the lake and its mountains, an abyss that enhances the landscape. From its height of four meters, this stainless steel plate filters the light, offering another view of the splendor of the site. Since its establishment in 2018 on the Jacquet sur le Pâquier promenade, residents, passers-by and tourists like to take photos in front of this fine sculpture honeycombed with delicate cutouts. Reflections of water, shimmering against pierced metal… Time is suspended… An invitation to daydream, a sudden desire to escape…

Invited artist by the CAUE de Haute-Savoie in 2018, Sylvie de Meurville is a multimedia sculptor, scenographer and artistic director. A graduate of the National School of Applied Arts and Crafts, she lives and works in Paris and Friville-Escarbotin, in the Somme. In her work in situ, she seeks the vibrations of the landscape and their analogies with the body and human passions. Sylvie de Meurville exhibits in different galleries and art venues in France and regularly collaborates with dancers and musicians.

VenueJacquet Walk
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Presented since 2018

Offered by our partner
L’îlot-S  –  CAUE de Haute-Savoie
(Haute-Savoie Council of Architecture, Urban Planning and Environment)