Jean Denant (FR)

In these large plates, metal mirrors, there is the constantly changing reflection of the lake and the city. Suspended from the trees of the Albigny promenade, they display hollow plans of the neighboring buildings. Jean Denant thus makes nature and urban planning inseparable…

The 1970s saw the growth of large, prestigious buildings along the promenade. For Jean Denant, the development of this part of the city, half-urban, half-vegetable, with the proximity of the lake, here domesticated, must be considered as a whole. The overhead view that the work offers of the location of the buildings on the site, to which we would not otherwise have access, makes us aware of a kind of dialogue. Each plaque gives us all the information about the place at a glance. And the famous plane trees of Avenue d’Albigny bear the exact image of the city.

Born in 1979 in France, the visual artist Jean Denant lives and works in Sète (France). A graduate of applied arts and the Toulouse School of Fine Arts, he develops a plural practice asking the question of materials, laborious gestures and identities, at the borders of painting, architecture, design and even the sculpture. His work is today widely distributed in France and abroad with personal and collective exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Barcelona, Geneva and on the artistic scene of young international creation with projects in Russia, China, in Venezuela, the United Arab Emirates, Korea and the United States.

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