Brèches mécaniquesLuce Moreau (FR)

Part nature and part technology, Brèches mécaniques by Luce Moreau is a 3D-printed wax honeycomb. Placed in a tree in Haras Park to provide bees with a new home, it awaits its future residents!
Luce Moreau creates models and replicas of honeycomb as it exists in nature. She installs her structures in various places to see how (or whether) wild swarms appropriate them. Today bees symbolize the exponential deterioration of natural habitats and constitute a gauge of the overall state of nature. One apocalyptic scenario is that if bees go extinct, so will humans. Between dystopia and future fact, this installation raises hopes.

Born in 1982, visual artist and photographer Luce Moreau lives and works in Marseille (France). A cofounder of the OTTO Prod collective/association, since 2006 she has worked on curatorial and artist-in-residence projects while continuing her artistic research. Her work is exhibited regularly in digital arts festivals such as GAMERZ (Aix-en-Provence) and KIKK (Namur, Belgium).

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Suggested by our partner Le Rucher du Haras

Dans le cadre du projet Annecy-Lausanne NATUROPOLIS

Produite par l’association Jardins Fabriques – Le Rucher du Haras avec le soutien du service Paysage et Biodiversité, Culture et Animation de la Commune nouvelle d’Annecy et du festival Annecy paysages 2020 – Bonlieu Scène nationale Annecy.

Le projet Brèches Mécaniques (2017-2020) est coproduit par OTTO-Prod, DDA Art Contemporain, MIND – One Bee ; avec le soutien du DICRéAM – CNC, de la Région SUD et de la Ville de Marseille.

Le Rucher du Haras