Natures en nuancesCollective R (CH)
Arnaud Scheurer, Andreas Stebler & Jürg Tröhler (CH)



Nature has always inspired painters, but here it becomes a palette. The botanical installations at Square Bernard Bosson transform into a color chart that changes with the seasons. The project becomes lasting and changing. Collective R plays with shapes and colors, and the flowerbeds are organized in subtle gradients.

From red-pink to sky blue, through purples and violets, or from dull red to light yellow, through pale or deep oranges, the colors vary, the flowers pass the baton over the months. Each season has its own flowering to delight the eyes. Thus the massifs live throughout the year, changing a thousand times, to be rediscovered endlessly. Take the small paths that cross them: it’s the promise of total immersion, a sensitive and exciting discovery.

In close collaboration with regional and national partners, Collective R develops interdisciplinary projects in the areas of gardens and landscapes, staging, themed worlds, spatial developments as well as exhibitions. The collective is made up of 3 members: Arnaud Scheurer, young architect graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, born in 1991 in Switzerland. He combines creativity and technical constraints when developing his projects. Andreas Stebler, born in 1960 in Switzerland, architect with extensive experience in large-scale projects as well as small staging and spatial creations. Jürg Tröhler, born in 1958 in Switzerland, is the creative precursor of the team with his basic training in history and political science.

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Presented since 2022

Carried out in close collaboration with the Landscapes and Biodiversity department of the city of Annecy