Les RessourcesBob Verschueren (BE)

With its long arms outstretched toward the sky, but its base firmly anchored in the ground, this formidable motionless tree asserts its power. The three drawers in its side will spring life and its promises. Bob Verschueren’s dream trees are tireless bearers of hope…


Opening a drawer always means revealing a secret… The secret of the tree that is cut down, then righted, is perhaps the power it has to gather the living, to make it grow in its bosom? The young shoots will blossom and give birth to seeds, which the wind will then scatter… The dry tree, transformed into a nurturing father, perpetuates the infinite cycle of death offering life… For us, who are fragile and perishable, nature is always a source of lessons. And the open, subtly metaphorical works that Bob Verschueren places in the gardens encourage us to dream as much as to reflect…

Bob Verschueren, born in 1945 is an internationally recognised contemporary Belgian artist. Today, more than 350 of his in-situ installations can be seen throughout Europe and beyond.

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2023 Création

Thanks to the Landscapes & Biodiversity department of the city of Annecy
au service Paysages & Biodiversité, and all the town’s technical departments


Special thanks to Gilbert Bal

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