Les Nouveaux
Pedro Marzorati (AR)

On unstable wooden supports above the water in the Cordeliers basin, they seem to move forward as if they want to meet. What force has pushed Pedro Marzorati’s characters dressed in midnight blue to start moving, possibly toward that boat that seems to be waiting for them? What will happen to them?

In this time of climate change, it’s unclear where we are headed. Who among us will be forced to entrust their future to the road, wherever it may lead? Marzorati’s metallic blue sculptures converge, almost levitating, on a hypothetical meeting point. The bridges that rise from the canal like sea serpents evoke a steep path—demanding but oh so fragile. This poetic installation stimulates the imagination, raises questions, and can be read in many ways. Will there be time to find a new path (nouveau chemin)?

For Pedro Marzorati (born in 1969), an Argentine visual artist living in France, creation is inherently an act of poetic activism. His work encourages us to think about the interaction between art and science and the problems currently facing us, such as the consequences of climate change. Marzorati uses every possible technique, from photography and drawing to installations. His works have been presented at parc de la Villette (Paris), Nuit Blanche (Paris), Lille 3000 (Lille), and elsewhere.

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Created in 2021