Changing TidesAaron Li-Hill (CA)

We know that water will be a major issue in the future. So Aaron Li-Hill is calling on Neptune, god of the sea and springs, inviting him to reign for a while over the Thiou’s enigmatic waters. This powerful installation confronts us with the terrible struggles so many peoples are facing today.

The climate is changing, ecosystems are weakening and changing, and glaciers are disappearing more and more quickly. Both source of life and mortal danger, water is rare in some places while further on it erodes the shore. Never have there been so many displaced people. Never has the situation been so obviously urgent. As a metaphor for battles already fought, Li-Hill has perched an augmented image of Neptune above the current. Exuding energy and power, he transmits his courage to us and whispers that everything is still possible.

A Canadian visual artist, Aaron Li-Hill lives and works in New York (USA). Trained in street art, he layers found objects, atypical materials, painting, and illustration to create works with striking aesthetics. His work is an attempt to decipher the complexity of our modern era’s unbridled development and highlights the disastrous effects capitalist culture has on people. Through themes of industrialization, scientific progress, the relationship between humans and nature and over-information, his work reflects how the West is trying to untangle, understand, and repair.

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