KALEIDOSCOPE URBAINRaphaël Dessimoz, Amélie Poncety, Loïc Fumeaux, Tancrède Ottiger

In an isolated passageway in the city’s historic center, these architects use construction and mirrors to redeploy the characteristic elements of Annecy’s architecture with infinite variety. Arcades and colored facades proliferate in this semi-enclosed space, giving spectators an inverted view of the cityscape.

Architects Raphaël Dessimoz, Loïc Fumeaux and Amélie Poncety are joined by graphic artist and typographer Tancrède Ottiger, a graduate of the École Cantonale d’Art of Lausanne. Raphaël Dessimoz created his firm, Dessimoz Architectes, in 2013. Loïc Fumeaux and Amélie Poncety co-founded xy-ar.ch.


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