Day in the mountainsWhat future for humanity?
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10:30 am • Meeting with Yves Paccalet

for “L’humanité disparaîtra, bon débarras ! Nouvelle édition revue et aggravée” (Éditions Arthaud) 


In this philosophical essay tinged with black humor, funny and pessimistic, Yves Paccalet draws up a real indictment of humanity, with a clear conclusion: Homo sapiens will disappear.


12:00 am • Concert-reading with François-René Duchâble and Alain Carré

« Variations pour une patate »


1:00 pm • Lunch on the grass « Beignets de patates »

with the Auberge de Plan Bois


with reservation at +33 (0)4 50 44 40 83

Otherwise, you can bring your own picnic


2:30 pm • Rencontre avec Maurice Rebeix

for “L’esprit ensauvagé, à l’écoute des peuples premiers, pour une autre façon d’être au monde” (Éditions Albin Michel)


Faced with the perils that threaten humanity at the beginning of the 21st century – global warming, the collapse of biodiversity, the rise of geo-strategic tensions – the so-called First Peoples have a message to deliver to us. In North or South America, in the Pacific, in Africa, in Asia or in Oceania, they perpetuate a relationship with the rest of the living world that embodies another way of being in the world.

VenueAuberge de Plan Bois, Les clefsOpen the map

Event Sunday, July 3, 2022

Paid access

Full price non-members : 10€

Reduced rate for members : 5€

Cancelled in case of rain

For more information contact

René Vuillermoz : +33 (0)6 70 28 44 13

Auberge de Plan Bois,
Les Clefs
+33 (0)4 50 44 40 83

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