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Bonlieu Scène nationale Annecy and its partners are pleased to announce the dates of the 5th edition of Annecy Paysages, which will take place from Saturday July 2 to Sunday September 25, 2022.



2022! We’re finally free to walk around!

We’ve taken advantage of that and designed this edition with a spring in our step.


There are sixteen new installations in the Annecy paysages landscape this year.


They include monumental sculptural works, like Jean Denant’s installation along the promenade d’Albigny; smaller but no less meaningful installations, like Ugo Schiavi’s creation in the old embarcadero at the Impérial Palace; landscaped works like Natures en nuances by the architects and designers of Collective R in the square de l’Évêché; and installations that show how we might use public space differently, as Atelier Déambulons, have done by creating a shady place to rest in the stony place François de Menthon.


We are also reactivating 19 pieces from previous editions for your (renewed) pleasure.


That’s a total of 35 installations that reinterpret the city’s natural or built landscapes on an itinerary you can walk or bike.


And absolutely new this year, with the Annecy paysages application you can view four virtual works in augmented reality thanks to the excellence and creativity of Annecy’s digital actors L’École by CCI – Les Gobelins Annecy and the startup Async.


Salvador Garcia

Director, Bonlieu Scène nationale Annecy / Artistic director, Annecy paysages





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