un nuage
Bob Verschueren (BE)
Installation in memory of Robert Dumas




Strange foliage at the top of this bare trunk. A play of lines and transparencies, the rustling corolla unfolds like a cloud of branches, an umbrella of fine lace in which the light plays in the Gardens of Europe. Made of wire and wood, the tree, as sketched, just like its natural brothers, shelters and protects.

Bob Verschueren never stops questioning trees, observing them with passion, calling upon them. The roots towards the sky of The Hedge of Honor, the nest boxes of Implantations or The Pourfendu Tree: so many possible stories, imaginaries to build. Like a Cloud is the continuity of a celebration of these giants who dominate us, immobile guardians who observe us in silence. And who offer us their benevolent shadow.

After practicing painting, Bob Verschueren began his “wind paintings” in 1978, natural pigments spread in the wind across the landscape. From this decisive turning point came his interest in nature and plants in particular. Since then, he has carried out more than 350 installations in Europe and elsewhere. He also investigates other fields such as sound, engraving, photography, etc. A wasteland, a forest, an exhibition space… are so many workshops for him. Bob Verschueren is a member of the Royal Academy of Belgium in the Arts class.

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Presented since 2022

Thanks to the ONF (National Forestry Office) and to the Landscapes and Biodiversity department of the city of Annecy

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