Place aux vers !Cultures Urbaines - Guillaume Popineau, David Trigolet (FR)

The Cultures Urbaines collective will plant two vegetable gardens in the city, turning empty lots into useful, meaningful areas reclaimed by nature. The neighbors are invited to keep up the gardens by making compost in them. The vegetables grown in these installations will be free!

Created in 2016, « Cultures Urbaines » is a duo of landscape engineers, Guillaume Popineau and David Trigolet. The group questions the place occupied by nature in towns and in particular the integration of comestible plants within urban spaces.

VenueSquare du collège Chappuisien + Placette CarnotOpen the map

Introduced and implemented in 2019

As part of the Annecy-Lausanne NATUROPOLIS project

Thanks to the Landscapes & Biodiversity department of the city of Annecy

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