Comme un
légume dans l’eau
Cultures Urbaines - Guillaume Popineau, David Trigolet (FR)

Blue lake, green shores, this is the play between earth and water that Annecians know best. But in the middle of the Forum de Bonlieu, they play together differently. Come let the Cultures Urbaines collective show you the magic of aquaponics, the subtle art of growing plants with aquarium water. Could this fascinating interaction be a model for the future?

A miniature forest of leafy columns is growing in the Forum, echoing the metallic structure holding up the skylight. Fish swim placidly in their aquarium. What’s the connection between them? Aquaponics! In this innovative production technique, the water full of nutrient-rich fish waste is pumped through a closed circuit so it waters the plants then goes through filters and returns, purified, to the aquarium. David Trigolet and Guillaume Popineau designed this installation so you can wander through, understand, smell, and even taste it. Everything is edible!


Created in 2016, « Cultures Urbaines » is a duo of landscape engineers, Guillaume Popineau and David Trigolet. The group questions the place occupied by nature in towns and in particular the integration of comestible plants within urban spaces.

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Created in 2021

Thanks to the Landscapes & Biodiversity department of the city of Annecy

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Installation subject to schedules
Open from 8am to 7pm