Jean-Philippe Poirée-Ville (FR)

A sculptor of living things, Jean-Philippe Poirée-Ville likes to write in space and make elegant calligraphic curlicues on the ground. To understand them better, follow the spirals! Who know what unlikely encounters this installation in Square des Martyrs might precipitate.

A condenser (condensateur) is an electrical device, but here it evokes a change in nature. With the Social Condenser, Poirée-Ville hopes to influence our social relationships and create a public place that will be truly and freely shared. The aerial forms created by the plants based on the ancient Chinese calligraphy called the Tao, imbued with the notion of the sacred. It is “writing in a light, lively cloud.” Moving around the installation reveals its different sequences. Under the graffiti made of plants, tagged in the open sky, the work must be experienced and interpreted as a source of encounters and become a meeting place.

Architect and landscaper, Jean-Philippe Poirée-Ville is inspired by the rhythm of the seasons and the spirit of elevation that flora evokes in him. Thus, he combines light and vegetation so as to sublime nature.

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Created in 2021

Thanks to the Landscapes & Biodiversity department of the city of Annecy