Pourtant que la montagne est belleThe students of the ESAAA
intervention by Marianne Villière
Jean-François Azzena, Alice Bertoye, Roxane-Lola Hoin, Camille Martin, Laura Millet et Romane Truc (FR)



Exhibition of the fifth year graduates of the ESAAA.
With Jean-François Azzena, Alice Bertoye, Roxane-Lola Hoin, Camille Martin, Laura Millet, Romane Truc.





Des nuées

Marianne Villière (FR)


In 2019, with the performance Alouette, gentille alouette, Marianne Villière flooded the sound space of the city of Nancy with a procession of musicians and instruments, the megaphones of disappeared or threatened birds. With the work Des nuées, Marianne Villière implements and images a new occurrence of the power of art to act in the field of representations of the living, and gives to see this “silent spring” that Rachel Carson already described in 1962. 

Through a gesture as discreet as it is ostentatious, the dissemination of a set of eighteen silhouettes of bird species in danger of extinction painted in Meudon white in various cultural and non-cultural places, the participatory work Des Nuées is a contribution to awareness of the erosion of biodiversity and the ecocide characteristic of the anthropocene era. Marianne Villière is part of a generation of ecosophical artists whose practices organize an aesthetic and political relationship between the space of individual subjectivities, collective relations and the living in its diversity.

Mickaël Roy, art critic 2022

PlaceEspace d'art contemporain
le Mikado
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Exhibition from 07/07 to 14/08/2022

Exhibition subject to schedules
Monday to Thursday 10am-12am and 2pm-5:30pm
From Friday to Saturday 10am-6pm

Des nuées
Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 June 2022

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