Une plongée
au cœur
de l’histoire
Les Naufragés (FR)
Sur la piste du France
Marius Proton / Vincent Landeau /
Adrien Olivier / Valentine Guillaume (FR)



Every lake has its mysteries and sunken ghosts. Annecy is no exception. Shipwrecks lie at the bottom of the lake, the most famous being Le France. Using the innovative technology of augmented reality, students from the Gobelins Annecy school take you down to see this iconic vessel.


Aged 21 to 25 and students in their last year of the Web and mobile designer and developer bachelor’s degree at the Gobelins Annecy school (2022), two developers (Marius Proton and Vincent Landeau) and two designers (Adrien Olivier and Valentine Guillaume) have combined their creativity and skills to provide an interactive augmented reality experience via the Annecy paysages app.

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2022 Creation

In partnership with L’École by CCI – Haute-Savoie
Gobelins – Paris

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