Trois mâtsMaeva Descroix (FR) / Louis Garella (FR)

Three masts (Trois mâts) with joyful, intriguing flags stand with the light playing on them. Maeva Descroix and Louis Garella have planted them along the Promenade d’Albigny, but why? Are they testing a new signaling system? With their colored flags swaying in the breeze, these three masts celebrate the union between lake and mountains.

Annecy is unique, yet multiple. From sailing to hiking, there are plenty of activities to choose from. But they all have one thing in common: the need for appropriate signage so we can take full advantage of this vast playground. The signs for hikers and boaters always have simple, colorful, meaningful forms. Descroix and Garella took these graphic symbols and, putting their creativity to the test, came up with their own repertoire of forms. Three Masts at the base of the mountain . . . to sail away?

Both born in 1994, Maeva Descroix and Louis Garella live and work in Paris (France). They studied at École supérieure d’art et design in Saint-Étienne, where Garella earned a degree in media design in 2018  and Descroix earned a degree in object design in 2019. Their practices are different but complementary, which opens up their artistic horizons and leads to joint projects. They have exhibited at the Biennale internationale de design in Saint-Étienne and the Milan Triennale.

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Created in 2021

Winner of the call for young creation 2021

In partnership with the EMRJ DEMO


Since its creation, the Annecy Paysages Festival wishes to encourage and support emerging creation and launches each year a call for projects for the creation and realization of an artistic or landscape installation in the public space.