TranquillitéÀ l'ombre de la raie manta
Atelier Déambulons (FR)

Take a break in the shade of this lacy bamboo overhang at the Square du 8 mai 1945. An oasis in this unadorned, regimented expanse of stone, it offers protection with a poetic touch and a place to meet other promenaders. Raoul Blanchard, lieu de transmission, les ailes immenses de la messagère des mers se muent en arbre à palabres, lieu d’échanges et de débats.

Founded in Lyon (France) in 2015 by Jean-Baptiste Dubois, Atelier Déambulons specializes in designing spaces and creating custom structures using bamboo strips. It all started in 2003 in Thailand, where Dubois learned the rudiments of using bamboo to build buildings and items for daily use from the Karen. When he returned to France he created Atelier Déambulons, which makes furniture, designs sets, and creates land art. He was discovered when his first creations were awarded the Janus label by the Institut français du design in 2016.

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