Tectogenèse(s)Lucas Grandin (FR)

A giant game of pick-up sticks? A sea urchin or hedgehog? An Erector set or building blocks? Whatever it is, you’re invited to take a break under this wooden structure. With input from local residents, Lucas Grandin, artist in residence at the contemporary art space Le Mikado, designed this participatory work as a peaceful haven where you can relax and contemplate your surroundings.

Born in France in 1976, Lucas Grandin wears many hats: visual artist, curator, art teacher, activist, and project activator. He has developed an approach that blends sound, video, light, and low tech with special emphasis on urban planning and architecture. Taking first prize in the Artistic and Cultural Boldness competition held by the ministries of Culture and Education and the Fondation Culture et Diversité in 2013, he creates monumental installations, sound gardens, cabins, and igloos with the residents of the installation sites, using participation to raise questions about what public space is.

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Introduced in 2022

Proposed by our partner
le Mikado MJC Centre Social

Work created during the artist’s residency at L’espace d’art contemporain du Mikado – MJC Centre social

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