Prenons l’airNicolas Barrome Forgues (FR)

The Bonlieu wall is a riot of color! To contrast with today’s moroseness, Nicolas Barrome Forgues has taken over the wall, giving us all a monumental breath of fresh air. Hang on tight, pop culture and its ultra-contagious hyper energy are here to blow the dreariness away. Quick! Let’s get some fresh air!

Once upon a time there was a little boy with a balloon, and on the wall a whole bunch of colored balloons, cartoon monsters and other characters are taking flight, a horde straight out of Barrome Forgues’s imagination. Revisited cartoon heroes, cousins of SpongeBob Squarepants, a quasi-Godzilla, weird fruits and vivid vegetables—an entire little balloon world invites you to take flight from reality. But make no mistake: these profuse, highly detailed images are often complex and always have multiple meanings.

Born in 1980, Nicolas Barrome Forgues lives and works in Paris (France). An illustrator and visual artist raised on pop culture and the great masters, he loves textures and color. His unbounded imagination brings fruits and vegetables to life, distorts religious icons, draws on sci-fi films or childhood memories. His creations can be seen in large mural works, exhibits, museums, advertising, and the press.

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Created in 2021

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