Pôle Land Art Départemental – PLADLa Ferme de Chosal

With the creation of the Pôle Land Art Départemental (PLAD) in 2010
the Ferme de Chosal wished to place art and culture at the heart of its project for the social integration of the disabled, by opening up to a wide range of people and with a view to opening up, exchanging and meeting with the outside world.

It is a project that aims to provide access to culture for all, especially for people who are often far from culture (people with disabilities, socially disadvantaged people, people on minimum social benefits). Within the framework of the Pôle Land Art Départemental (PLAD), the Ferme de Chosal proposes a pathway that is progressively being built up and which is composed of works created by disabled workers at the Ferme de Chosal during creative workshops as well as works created each year by artists in residence.




Since 2018, in partnership with Annecy paysages, four works
have been created during these residencies and are now part of the
part of the itinerary:

Moebius inception de Pedro Marzorati (2018),
La Cause commune de Bob Verschueren (2019)
D’un monde à l’autre de Gilles Bruni (2020) et
Présences de Kasia Ozga (2021)

In September 2022, a new work by Maurizio Perron will be installed on the trail.




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La Ferme de Chosal