Plante un bancTristan Caloni, Adrien Mouginot (FR)

Inspired by nature, the minimalist benches of Adrien Mouginot and Tristan Caloni evoke giant young shoots just out of the ground. The visitor, like a contemporary Tom Thumb, seated, protected from the zenithal rays and the rain, is invited to contemplate the landscape of Annecy, to observe the passing of time and… to dream.
The two young designers revisit urban furniture so that it becomes an integral part of the surrounding nature. Their installations are composed of a seat and a steel umbrella and invite – for a picnic, a reading or a meditation – to take a break under the sky of Annecy. Like the sun, the whole is painted in yellow, the brightest color of the spectrum that attracts attention, inspires and revitalizes. A moment of pause, to better enjoy what surrounds us.

Born in 1994, the two young French designers Tristan Caloni and Adrien Mouginot live and work in Paris, France. Graduates since 2019 of a master’s degree in global design at École Bleue in Paris, they brought together their skills for one year and founded CALONI_MOUGINOT, a research laboratory at the intersection of design, craft and resourcefulness. In October 2019, they win the Industart (International Industrial Design Award). They are winners of the Annecy paysages 2020 call for young creation projects and are now each pursuing their own projects.

VenueParc Charles Bosson
Jardins de l'Impérial Palace
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Introduced in 2020

Winner of the call for young creation 2020

Since its creation, the Annecy Paysages Festival wishes to encourage and support emerging creation and launches each year a call for projects for the creation and realization of an artistic or landscape installation in the public space.