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Natures et Lumières
Collective R - Stefano Riggenbach, Arnaud Scheurer, Andreas Stebler, Jürg Tröhler (CH)

Collective R revisits the traditional garden in the Square de l’évêché. A bridge beckons, allowing visitors to walk over the various plots and planted areas. From their vantage point, they will see several types of plants that grow at each altitude in the Alps, from the most common to the most precious and rare.

Riggenbach GmbH – Garten und Landschaft, Tröhler + Partner and IAAG Architects develop interdisciplinary projects ranging from gardens and landscapes, stagings, theme parks, and spatial arrangements to exhibits put together by different formations of the base team.

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Introduced and implemented in 2019

As part of the Annecy-Lausanne NATUROPOLIS project

Thanks to the Landscapes & Biodiversity department of the city of Annecy