MégagorgoneUgo Schiavi (FR)

A strange rock with attractive, almost joyous—and deceptive—colors. This mass emerging from the basin of the former embarcadero of the Impérial is but one of the spectacular indicators of the Anthropocene’s ill effects. To survive such violence, nature’s only choice is resilience.

Born in France in 1987, visual artist Ugo Schiavi lives and works in Marseille (France). A 2001 graduate of Villa Arson in Nice, his 2002 collaboration with the artist Thomas Teurlai marked the beginning of his research into concepts of withdrawal and archeology. He has held multiple residencies in France (Cité internationale des arts in Paris) and abroad, and exhibited (alone or in a group) in museums and at major events (Nuit Blanche à Paris in 2018, Musée des beaux-arts d’Orléans, Voyage à Nantes in 2021, musée Reattu d’Arles, CAB in Grenoble, and Biennale de Lyon in 2022).

VenueLac d’Annecy
Parc Charles Bosson
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Introduced in 2022