Maison sans mursJulie Kieffer (FR)

The project Maison sans murs by Julie Kieffer proposes to apprehend our daily movements. The artist works by stratum from the ground or the wall, superimposing planes and scenes. Her compositions in volume can be perceived as images thanks to the flattening movement that structures them..

The architectural space in which his installations unfold is primordial, serving as a frame and background: the installation is a fragment of a larger, fictitious environment based on real architecture. The floor and walls are fertile surfaces where her installations grow, within which there is no vacuum, but air that floats and circulates, operating the movement. Julie Kieffer considers the body as a sounding board to feel the space and its depth around us. A sort of belvedere from which she constructs the point of view where the installation will have the most satisfactory proportions, allowing her to integrate ruptures of scale into a single point of view. Perspective, in the pictorial sense, is an important notion that the artist does not consider in a classical way. Building, living or arranging an interior are questions of the domestic sphere that Julie Kieffer transfers to the artistic domain.


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VenuePalais de l'Île - Musées d'AnnecyOpen the map

Exhibition from 30/06 to 10/10/2022

Exhibition subject to schedule
Every day except Tuesday
(weekly closing)
from 10:30 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm

Paid access
Full price: 3,80 €
Reduced rate: 2 €
Free for children under 12 years old

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