L’OrigineWill Beckers (NL)

A giant metallic shell appears in the Gardens of Europe. Contrasting at first glance with the green nature, this sculpture reflects our modern world. As you enter, you feel the heartbeat of Mother Nature. A moment to take the pulse of the world…
Made with natural and sustainable materials, L’Origine resonates the relationship between man and nature. The installation invites the viewer to enter the work to live an interactive experience, awaken their senses and develop their perceptions. Sculptor and architect of nature, Will Beckers explores the paradox of man who draws inspiration from nature while destroying it. A return to the origins…

Born in the Netherlands, visual artist Will Beckers lives and works in Belgium. Committed to the environmental cause, his installations and works of public art showcase the dialogue and interaction between culture, nature and the environment. The artist specializes in creating site-specific installations where the viewer is invited to interact with the work. He exhibits his work in Europe and around the world (Denmark, Italy, Israel).

VenueGardens of EuropeOpen the map

Presented since 2020

Thanks to the Landscapes and Biodiversity department of the city of Annecy

Sound installation

Work subject to schedules
From the 9th of July to the 22nd of September
Open to the public from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Monday to Saturday
(closed on Sunday)

Produced as part of the project
“NATUROPOLIS”, supported by the European cross-border cooperation program Interreg V France-Switzerland (2018-2021)