L’OrigineWill Beckers (NL)

A giant shell appears in the Jardins de l’Europe. Reflecting our modern world, the sculpture seems out of place amidst the greenery at first, but as we get closer, we feel Mother Nature’s heartbeat. Time to pause and take the world’s pulse.
Made of natural and sustainable materials, L’Origine reverberates with the relationship between humans and nature. The installation invites the viewer to go inside the work for an interactive experience, to awaken their senses and heighten their perception. A sculptor and architect of Nature, Will Beckers explores the paradox of one who takes their inspiration from nature while at the same time destroying it, taking us back to the beginning.

Born in the Netherlands, visual artist Will Beckers lives and works in Belgium. He is an environmental activist whose public art installations and works create a conversation and interaction between culture, nature, and the environment. Beckers specializes in outdoor installations where viewers are encouraged to interact with the work. He exhibits his work in Europe and elsewhere (Denmark, Italy, and Israel).

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