LES TEMPS DU PAYSAGESylvain Duffard / Michael Jakob

The “Les temps du paysage” exhibit presented at L’îlot-S and designed by Michael Jakob resonates with the photography installation of the same name. Like a three-part stroll, this exhibit combines photography, museology, writing, sound recording, and video projection in a multi-sensory orchestration that creates an atmosphere equal to the landscape experience itself.

The purpose of the CAUE in each region is to promote and enhance the quality of Architecture, Urban Planning and the Environment. Exhibitions, conferences, lectures and visits are regularly organised from the Îlot-S in order to stimulate public discussion.

VenueÎlot-S CAUE 74Open the map

From the 6th until the 15th of September at the l’Îlot-S / CAUE 74

From Monday to Friday, 2pm until 6pm

Closed during the holidays, as well as the 23erd and 31st of May, the 19th of July and from the 5th until the 16th of August

Free entrance


In parallel, CAUE 74 presents the installation of the same name Les temps du paysage