Lake GazeboAn optical device
After Apricots (TR/DE/US) / Bach Mühle Fuchs (CH)

Do not be afraid to penetrate into the heart of this curious metallic prism, it invites you to consider differently the landscape in front of you. Lake, sky and mountains, captured in this fragmented view, stand out singularly. The gazebo, installed at the water’s edge, in the Gardens of the Imperial Palace, then becomes a fabulous optical device, all sides of which are to be explored…
Viewpoints, landscaped parks, these peaceful places, dedicated to rest and contemplation, have always given pride of place to the gazebo. Subtly placed, it directs the eye. Like a viewfinder, it causes a more acute perception of the landscape. Here, the metal surface is openwork, to allow the permanent play of projected shadows. And the shape of the prism, specific to the location, is based on calculations of the sun’s trajectory, granting the immobile structure its share of life. Entering this 21st century belvedere means taking the time to grasp the measure of the landscape, letting it direct our gaze to, perhaps, see further.

After Apricots is a design and research agency founded by Bahar Akgün and Lara Mehling in 2017. It is based in Istanbul (Turkey) and Zurich (Switzerland). The agency studies ornamentation to decode stories, memories and cultural motifs with the aim of developing more personal creative languages.


Bach Mühle Fuchs is an architectural firm based in Zurich (Switzerland), founded by Daniel Fuchs, Philippe Grossenbacher and Simon Mühlebach in 2015. In their projects, they emphasize the specific in situ qualities of a place and combine apparently contradictory elements to emerge from it a utopia.


After Apricots and Bach Mühle Fuchs are winners of the Lausanne gardens 2019 competition with their Passage végétal project.

VenueCharles Bosson Park
Imperial Palace Gardens
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Presented since 2021

Produced as part of the project
“NATUROPOLIS”, supported by the european cross-border cooperation program Interreg V France-Switzerland (2018-2021)