La Haie d’honneurBob Verschueren (BE)

Bob Verschueren plants 10 trees, roots in the air, 5 to a side along an alley in the Jardins de l’Europe. Attaching the trees together at the roots to form a canopy, the artist transforms dead trees from Annecy’s forests into a work of art in homage to the public, which is invited to walk through the installation.

Bob Verschueren, born in 1945 is an internationally recognised contemporary Belgian artist. Today, more than 350 of his in-situ installations can be seen throughout Europe and beyond.

VenueJardins de l'EuropeOpen the map

Présentée et pérennisée en 2019

Dans le cadre du projet Annecy-Lausanne NATUROPOLIS

Remerciements au service Paysage et Biodiversité de la ville d’Annecy et à l’ONF

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