FADING #5Une histoire d'apparition
Sophie Laly (FR)

Twilight reveals subtle changes in the landscape: the light fades, night falls, a house appears…FADING #5 is part of a series of video installations that show a life-size house appear, but it’s only a projection. This time Laly is setting the scene on the Ile aux Cygnes, a symbolic site in Annecy’s landscape, to tell a tale of mystery.
For the FADING series, Laly draws on Icelandic folklore with its belief that elves, gnomes, and other trolls live and build their cities in nature. For FADING #5, she calls on the ghosts of the workers who built this island in Annecy more than two centuries ago. On this small artificial paradise inaccessible to humans, a house appears at sunset. A house in which they live their secret, nocturnal life and where we find them. Bewitching images that light up the landscape!

Born in 1973, French film director and video artist Sophie Laly lives and works in Paris (France). A graduate of the Fine Arts School of Dijon, she honed her skills in the contemporary dance world (collaborations and video recordings). She has directed one hundred films so far, and every year many are presented at Vidéodanse at the Pompidou Center. She also continues her work as a videographer who uses the landscape to raise questions about and study the concepts of space and time.

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Introduced in 2020

Visible at night