Edito summer 2024

Annecy paysages 2024

22 installations
11 partners


from 9th July to 22nd September


2018-2023: these six years have established in the minds of Annecy residents and visitors a happy summer meeting: Annecy landscapes. By leaving its walls and placing the fresh gaze of artists on the banks of the lake, Bonlieu has little by little built up a collection of works in public space. Now for act 2.


After wandering through the Pâquier and the alleys of the city center, the walker will be invited to a sensitive exploration of Annecy, where the urban and the natural intersect. Markers of Annecy’s geography, the rivers which cross the city, Thiou and Fier, will initially be in the spotlight, revealing to residents and visitors their sometimes secret beauties and the countless riches of which they are composed. Renowned artists will be invited to come and create works, ephemeral or permanent, specially designed for the sites which host them, creating a fruitful dialogue where the work is inspired by the site which, in return, is revealed by the work .


Apart from the humans that we are, who do we meet without knowing it while surveying the banks? What do these spaces tell us about current and future transitions? It is to this investigation that the artists will invite us, each in their own way, one with humor, one with magic, the other with poetry, all with great generosity.


As an appetizer for this new route to be discovered by taking the time, with your nose to the wind on foot or by bike, two works are created in 2024, one in the Bonlieu Forum, as a starting point, the other in Thiou, like a first stone laid towards the new path that you will soon take. A third work returns to the Annecy landscapes collection off Imperial Beach.