D’un monde à l’autreGilles Bruni (FR)

An installation to walk through under the foliage, the time to observe… and a terrain to decipher: a runoff, stones, engravings, traces of our passage and the landscaped modulations of the vegetation that pass slowly.

Born in 1959, French visual artist Gilles Bruni lives and works in Clisson (France). After his agricultural training in the 1970s, Bruni obtained a PhD in visual arts in 1997. The landscape, site ecology, local inhabitants and their history are the main themes in his work, and he prefers to work cooperatively and in partnerships. With Marc Babarit he has started experimenting with outdoor work called “landscape installations” and has created thirty such installations, mainly in Europe and North America.

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Suggested by our partner La Ferme de Chosal / Pôle Land Art Départemental

La Ferme de Chosal