Ciudad SilencioPedro Marzorati (AR)

Planted in the lake, along the Albigny promenade, not far from the edge, curious houses stand out in the Annecy landscape. Pedro Marzorati offers us a moment of tranquility, rest and contemplation. Placed at the water’s edge, these lake constructions – a sort of contemporary archaeological remains – are also the place where thought drifts…

How long will you remain impassive in the face of rising waters? The works of Pedro Marzorati continue to raise our awareness of human issues. His militant poetry offers us broad grounds for reflection. Global warming will have dramatic consequences for certain populations and their habitats, but concerns us all.

For Pedro Marzorati, an Argentinian visual artist born in 1969 and based in France, creation is, in essence, an act of poetic activism. His work encourages us to think about the interaction between art and science and about current human issues such as the consequences of global warming. Photographs, drawings, installations, all techniques are used by this multidisciplinary artist. His works have been presented, among others, at Parc de la Villette (Paris), at Nuit Blanche (Paris) and at Lille 3000 (Lille).

VenueLake Annecy
Albigny promenade
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Acquisition 2024