AbsenceAdjie (FR)

Overlooking the crowd, hundreds of white birds are sitting on perches as if they’d called a meeting on rue du Pâquier―one last anonymous, silent call to remind us of their existence!
Sitting on their perches, these birds of mineral paste and wood remind the viewer that the danger is imminent. They will soon disappear. Their immobility is disconcerting. Even though they are mute, their deafening cry must be heard. Specialists say that roughly one-third of our birds have disappeared in the past 20 years. Covid-19 kept us home, kept us quiet, and all around, the birds could be heard. Adjie hopes we will now be more aware of how we each affect our ecosystem, in which every species is interconnect.

Born in Lille in 1973, self-taught visual artist Adjie lives and works in Veyrier-du-Lac (France). In 1997 she taught Visual Arts at the Genevois Fine Arts School (Switzerland). Wood is her favorite medium, and she has been creating her collection “Les Bestioles” in her studio since 2009. She regularly exhibits her work in France and Switzerland.

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