The festival

From 4th July to 27th September


In the period we went through, we thought of stopping and postponing the festival as the situation seemed so complicated and uncertain. The confinement and the anxiety-provoking environment of the pandemic paralysed our desires, our creativity and our reactivity.
Then everyone woke up to the action, regained a collective energy and the desire to do, to make, thinking about tomorrow.
Then the artists, the technical teams, the municipal services, the craftsmen went back to work. Thanks to them. We will therefore be able to present an edition of Annecy Paysages with around thirty works, creations and reactivations of plant and plastic pieces.
This edition will be unique and epic because it will be deeply necessary for this summer 2020.


Annecy Paysages is another way of relating to culture and art in the urban space. It is a form that requires taking one’s time, a form that reexamines the place of the individual in nature but also his place in the collective and the question of his status: consumer or actor of this culture?
Annecy Paysages is also a series of questions in the form of sensitive essays on the place of nature and art in urban development. Interrogations underpinned by the need for a balance between town and nature, the need for a slower pace, urgent reflections on the discretion necessary to give our traces.
For the public, for the population, it means finally going out freely, going through the itineraries proposed by the festival and discovering the works proposed in the natural and heritage spaces of the city of annecy. Enjoy the walk and… take your time!

Salvador Garcia
Director, Bonlieu Scène nationale,
Artistic Director, Annecy Paysages