aux Jardins
de l’Europe

After la grande balade at Semnoz in 2020, la grande traversée by the lake in 2022, the Bonlieu summer event returns on Saturday July 8th.
A magical, poetic, acrobatic and musical getaway for an evening, facing the lake, in the idyllic setting of the Jardins de l’Europe!


7 p.m. Giant picnic around La grande table :
Bring your picnic, we take care of the rest:
The artists follow you!
Refreshment bar and food trucks available on site.

Alternately from 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.
Théâtre du Centaure Appearances of the actor-centaur, half-man, half-animal
Les filles du renard pâle Rotating wheel
Justine Berthillot & Xavier Roumagnac Dance rollers & drums

Continuously from 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.
20 musicians perched in the trees:
Melodies and imaginations from five continents.
An Enchanted walk for a motionless journey!

Stroll through the Jardins de l’Europe and be amazed by impromptu acrobatics and suspended concerts

rope Valentin Bellot &

aerial tissue Gaëlle Estève &

accordion Matthieu Beaudin


soft yarn Sabrina Ben Hadj Ali


Surgissement Théâtre du Centaure

rider Manolo &

songs, percussions Anwar Khan (Rajahstan)


Rotating wheel Noa Aubry/Les filles du renard pâle &

machinery, guitar Johann Guillon



dancing, rollerblading Justine Berthillot &

drums Xavier Roumagnac


Duò Lavoà Lapò (Occitania)

occitan songs, percussions Manu Théron & Damien Toumi


Trio Unio (South of France)

songs Armande Ferry Wilczek, Juliette Rillard &

songs, violin Elise Kusmeruck


sufi songs, daf Abo Gabi (Palestine)

songs, kora Abdou Kouyaté (Senegal)

lyrical songs, accordion Rémy Poulakis & Sarah Laulan (France)

songs, percussions Ndima – Pygmées Aka (Congo)

greek & oriental songs, guitar Dafné Kritharas (Greece) & Paul Barreyre (France)

songs from southern Italy Eléonora Petrulli (Italy)

basque & oriental songs Julien Achiary (Pays-Basque)

flamenco songs Paloma Pradal (Spain)

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