Tectogenèse(s)Lucas Grandin (FR)

Giant Mikado? Sea urchin or hedgehog? Construction game ? Under this wooden structure, you are invited to come and recharge your batteries. Lucas Grandin, artist in residence at the contemporary art space Le Mikado, designed this participatory work in conjunction with the inhabitants as a place of rest, contemplation, a haven of peace…

Between the Jardins de l’Europe and the Novel-Teppes district, two twin structures respond to each other from a distance. This work, made of local wood, developed and built by the inhabitants of the neighborhood, is designed to dialogue with the landscape. Under the direction of Lucas Grandin, this fun space, half architecture, half forest, is the concrete result of the social links and sensitivities forged by the inhabitants. To meet there or let your thoughts get lost, here is a new kind of home, open and protective, born from the pleasure of having built together. From a shared imagination and inventiveness, the tangle of Tectogenèse(s) speaks to us of the union of each singularity…

Born in 1976 in France, Lucas Grandin is in turn a visual artist, curator, art teacher, activist and project activator. He develops an approach combining sound, video, light and low-tech with particular attention to town planning and architecture. 1st prize for artistic and cultural audacity organized by the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education and the Culture and Diversity Foundation in 2013, he creates monumental installations, sound gardens, cabins, igloos with audiences from the territories of intervention, questioning public space through participatory processes.

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Presented since 2022

Offered by our partner
the Mikado MJC Social Center

Work created as part of the artist’s residency at the Mikado contemporary art space – MJC Social Center

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