Editor’s welcome

The second edition of “Annecy Paysages” features artistic and live plant installations on Annecy’s most well-known historical and natural sites. In the three main venues—the historic center, the Jardins de l’Europe, and Charles Bosson Park—landscape architects, visual artists, and architects reinterpret the city’s open spaces.



Every one of the installations changes how the viewer sees the site. Each piece reveals a new aspect of the urban landscape and makes us think about development and the balance between nature and the city. “Annecy Paysages” 2019 is also the beginning of a new partnership with the city of Lausanne and its “Lausanne Jardins” festival. In a cross-border project financed by the European Union, the two festivals “converse” through paired or mirrored works. On July 6 the festival will open, as it did last year, with a giant celebration in the streets of Annecy.

Salvador Garcia
Director, Bonlieu Scène nationale,
Artistic Director, Annecy Paysages